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Best leadership book : The Coaching Habit: Say Less, Ask More

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Do you look into your life and all you see are loopholes?, you are probably imagining a way out of your present situation. You want success, prosperity and happiness but they are not forth coming. We researched and bring you this top 5 books that you can use to hasten your growth and become the person you want to be. It all start with taking extreme ownership of your life. From Novice to top rated CEO, this books can help you in building your team and staying focus on the tasks.


The Coaching Habit: Say Less, Ask More & Change the Way You Lead Forever

Micheal Bungay Stanier who is the author of  Do more great work has made a career of teaching leadership skills to more than 10,000 managers worldwide. This is one of the best approach to leadership according to him. This book focuses on skills gotten from seven questions the author himself have use in his leadership journey. The coacing habit is one of the best leadership books that stands out. Michael has established certain truths for coaching to become successful:

• Coaching is simple

• Coaching can be done in 10 minutes or less

• Coaching is a daily, informal act

• You can build a coaching habit, “but only if you understand and use the proven mechanics of building and embedding new habits.”

These new behaviors become the arc of The Coaching Habit. There are seven in total, and Michael frames them as part question, part solution

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The book is so enjoyable as it’s laced with the author’s unique sense of humor, this make it more enjoyable and will make you to be very alert. This is not a book you will pick and be sleeping. Stainier questions in the coaching habit as the author of the best selling book Drive “Daniel H. Pinl” put it are “core questions” and says that they’ll not only guide you to effective support of your team but help you to become your own best coach as well. The questions range from “The Kickstart Question” to “The Focus Question” and “The Strategic Question.” In his word, he said

“Michael’s intelligence, wit, articulateness and dedication to the craft of coaching shine forth in this brilliant how-to manual for anyone called to assist others. Even after four decades of my own experience in thisarena, The Coaching Habit has provided me with great takeaways.”
David Allen, author of Getting Things Done

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