Chinese Z80 3G Smartwatch Durability gives you more than what you need

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Do you need a smart watch that is durable and cheap compared to other products on the market?, then you had found one. A lot of smart watch are in the range of $150 to $200 making the smart watch technology inaccessible to some consumers who are on the budget. With Z80 3G smartwatch, you have a great product with deep discount.

You might be wondering, is the smart watch durable and can it lives up to the expectation of the daily usage? Yes, the designs and features of Z80 3G smartwatch speaks for itself.

If you are just starting out in the smart watch tech usage, you are an occasional user or you just don’t want to invest in the high end-model for now, Z80 3G smartwatch is one of the option available and it’s a very good choice. It’s tagged the best autonomous on the planet till date.


Z80 3G smartwatch Design and Build

Durability is what speaks for this smart watch; it’s a very comfortable watch with a protective large rubber band. You can easily access the power button and it gives you much comfort wearing it, although, the watch is quite big compared to other smart watch on the market, if you don’t mind the size, it’s something you will like.

This is not just only a watch; it’s also a smart phone. This means that this Smart watch can make calls independently of smart phone. It’s also water resistant.

Z80 3G Smartwatch Features

The awesome features of this smart watch have made it one of the smart watches on the market now. With it, you can connect the 3G network to enjoy fast connection to the internet, you can download and share files and also share your location using the GPS.

This awesome smart watch can do a lot for you, other features include the sleep tracker, heart rate monitor, pedometer and other related health applications that helps you stay healthy and active all time.

The smart watch also have a call maker, call reminder and one key SOS, this features can be activated by connecting the Z80 3G smartwatch to Bluetooth.

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Touchscreen interface was simple, clean and easy to use. With the sedentary reminder, Z80 3G Smartwatch gives you a reminder to get some activities here and there. If you are sitting for too long, it alert you to get up and get some activity, this is good for office work.


This is a cool smart watch to have especially when you are on a budget because this smart watch is under US$100 on Aliexpress


This is a cool product at this price point. The Z80 3G smart watch give you almost all the features that the high-end smart watch can give you. If you are someone looking for something light and a bit more compact, I will advise you to look for something sleeker because of the design of this smart watch might be too large for your everyday usage. It waterproof and fitness features is what you might consider.

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